Treasurer & Reimbursement

Need to get reimbursed for something that you paid for that is a PTO expense? Use the form below, print and fill this out and include this with your receipts. This can then be turned into the office PTO box. For questions contact Amber Kissack.

Do you owe the PTO for something? A sponsorship, a donation, other? You can use the button below to pay the PTO.

Powerful News

Powerful News is emailed out to parents each Friday and contains important information about our school. If you are not receiving the email contact the Valdez office staff to update your email address or check your junk folder.

Valdez Support Team Presentation

PTO recently hosted a Zoom meeting featuring presentations from Valdez's own student support team members, including Mr. Grant, Ms. Shelley Flanagan, Ms. Fabiola Lazorda, and Ms. Sasha Storper. Learn about different kinds of learning needs students have, how Valdez's student support team works with these students, how the Valdez community can support students with learning differences, and what to do if you suspect your student may have may learning difference. This meeting had English and Spanish translation. Content starts about 9 minutes in.

Passcode: VM&LB4k2

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Sun Safety

Valdez is proud to be a recipient of an American Academy of Dermatology Shade Structure Program Grant! We are thrilled to be able to shade our four-square court and have a place to protect our 420 students, our staff, and our families and community visitors from the sun. Protecting your skin from the sun can reduce your risk of skin cancer, sunburn, and premature skin aging, no matter your skin color. Please keep reading this page and visit for more information on how to stay safe from the sun.

The ultraviolet (UV) index predicts ultraviolet radiation levels on a scale of 1 to 11+. The UV index provides a daily forecast of the expected intensity of the sun's UV radiation. To help users use the UV Index forecast, EPA provides two options for viewing this information with their mobile device. Links direct you to pages in English.

Ways to Protect Your Skin

Even on cloudy (or snowy!) days sun exposure can be damaging to your skin and the skin of your child. Here are some tips from the American Academy of Dermatology to keep your skin protected from the sun, which will help prevent skin cancer:

Sunscreen is Important!

Do you know that some sunscreens can prevent sunburn, reduce your risk of getting skin cancer, and help prevent early signs of skin aging? This is how you can pick a sunscreen that does all three:

Anyone can develop skin cancer

People of all races and colors can develop skin cancer. When skin cancer develops in people with darker skin, it is often diagnosed at a later stage, especially melanoma. In the late stages, skin cancer can cause complications and even death. However, most skin cancer when caught early, is highly treatable. Here are some tips for detecting skin cancer early. When found early, most skin cancers can be cured.

Information for children

Gigi Giraffe: Sun Safety is for Everyone

Sun Safety Information Videos from the American Academy of Dermatology

To help raise awareness among people with skin of color, Noe Rozas shares his skin cancer story. The video is in Spanish with English subtitles.

How to Avoid common sunscreen mistakes:

Skin of color: How to prevent and detect skin cancer:

Infant sun protection: How to keep your baby safe: