The PTO is the Parent Teacher Organization. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a collection of parents, grandparents, care givers and staff at Valdez that care about our school and want to provide support for teachers and school programs.

What is the mission of the Valdez PTO?

The Valdez PTO welcomes and supports teachers, parents, and students in our multicultural community – fostering greater communication and interaction through regular meetings, special events, and activities – as we promote Valdez as a school of excellence.

Who can join the PTO?

Any parent/caregiver of a child at Valdez or teacher/staff at Valdez can come to PTO meetings. There is no official process to be part of the PTO. As a parent/caregiver or teacher/staff you are welcome at all activities, meetings and events.

What is the PTO Board?

The PTO Board is a group of parents/caregivers and teachers/staff that serve as the governing body of the PTO. Currently, there is a max of 12 people on the PTO Board. The goal of the PTO Board is to have people on the board from various backgrounds, English speakers and Spanish speakers, and represent various age groups of kids at Valdez.

What types of events/activities has the PTO done in the past?

RIF (book distributions), Valentines breakfast, Thanksgiving lunch, Green Team, Enrichment Classes, Posada, Heritage Day, Pumpkin sale, Fall Social, Cultural performances, Dia Del Niño, Funding for teacher needs, Pre-owned toy and book sale, English/Spanish classes, purchased Promethean Boards and much more!